Motorcycles & ATVs

The motorcycles used by NGOs in the project work are mainly smaller motorcycles as they are very easy to use in the sometimes very remote areas. There are 3 main manufacturers of these kinds of motorcycles – Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha and we work closely with all of them.

Honda's most popular model is XL125 and we keep a large number of these in stock. The XL125 is very popular and used in many African countries. As part of Honda's product range you will also find models like CT200 and CT110 which is also very suitable for driving in remote areas.

We supply mainly brands like Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.

TF185 is Suzuki's most popular model. This model is especially popular in Ethiopia as it fairly simple to maintain and also very reasonable priced. We keep a large stock of these models in Djibouti mainly for dispatch within Ethiopia.

Yamaha also manufacture smaller motorcycles suitable for project work. In some countries in East Africa we mainly recommend models like DT175 and DT125 and for driving in West of Africa we recommend models AG100 and AG200.