Introduction to who we work for

Typical LTA clients are NGO's as well as larger construction companies. You will also recognize some private companies, private individuals and governmental organisations in various countries that we do business with.

In South Sudan we started a partnership two years ago working with LTA Auto, who has their head office in Denmark and an office in Juba as well. The cooperation with them has been very good, LTA Auto has supplied Spare Parts, Motorcycles, Vehicles and Tools to our projects and they have handled the complete supply chain including the logistic, custom clearing and delivery to the project location. Having a partner handling the supply chain to delivery point in countries as South Sudan has helped us immensely and we have been able to user less recourses on the supply chain and instead been able to focus on our operations in country. I hereby recommend the services that LTA Auto has provided to DRC & DDG.
Michael Hasselstroem, Danish Refuge Council & Danish Demining Group

Common for them all is that they trust us as their reliable supplier, which makes it possible for them to carry out their projects. We make sure that our clients receive professional advice for the given project. This way you will equally save time and money and that's why you should involve the team at LTA auto. We are here to support our clients and to make the day-to-day tasks easier for them, enabling them to concentrate on their job.